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I live and work as a private guide in Kyrgyzstan. I professionally organize individual or group excursions and tours speaking Russian, English or French languages for groups from 1 to 50 people in comfortable cars. I have partners in the tourist industry in all cities of Kyrgyzstan! I have a very large selection of tours and I know all the most interesting places that you can visit. I have affordable prices. All my clients were satisfied and received a charge of optimism, interesting impressions, and useful information! You will be surrounded by royal attention throughout the tour! I do not save the gasoline and I will try to show you only most interesting things! Each tour or excursion is designed for a whole day 8 - 10 hours. I take tourists from the hotel and I bring them back. Also, meetings at the airport are possible. I take care of your safety!

Tel: +996 550 50 59 77, WhatsApp: +996 550 50 59 77,
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